Ms. Ruchi Pradhan Dutta, The Asian School, Dehradun

The tour incorporated Education, Entertainment and a fun vacation. The Education Overview event was flawless and every minute of it was well taken care of. It was a fantastic trip to the Scandinavian part of the World and I look forward to more such trips with Vacations Edutainment. God Bless!

Neera Singh, Rajmata Krishna Kumari Girls Public School, Jodhpur

This was an Educational tour of 12 days’ duration and was packed with an itinerary that was attractive, educative and enjoyable. Good student and parental feedback has been received.

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Abha Annat, City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar I, Lucknow

I applaud Vacations Edutainment’s Concept of ‘Young Writer’s Club’ booklet circulated to all students to highlight and bring out the hidden talents of young students. This was very well reciprocated by student as most as most of them explored their writing skills.

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Kalpana Mohan, Vishyashilp Academy, Bangalore

The Complete tour was conducted in the professional manner and addressing all the aspects of the tour. All the arrangements were up to the mark. Besides students had great amount of fun, they had best of exposure & learning at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

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Prashant Vashistha, Delhi Public School, Bhilai

As part of this trip, I personally analyzed every aspect and found it thoroughly satisfactory. The perfect mix of versatile activities of the trip highly entertaining & memorable. The students were delighted with personalised care taken by the organiser to make their trip a pleasant one.

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Meetu Sharma, Blooming Dales International School, Ganganagar

The tour was organised with all care, concern & attentive approach. All the arrangements executed were up to the mark including the excellent quality of food. These arrangements made our trip more comfortable & fun filled.

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SK Tomar, N.H. Goel World School, Raipur

Trip was not only very well planned & organised but was also highly informative, entertaining and with ample leading opportunities. Smart planning, adequate arrangements and full dose of fun indeed made this trip memorable.

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Neera Mathur, MSMS, Jaipur

It was a very well conducted tour and students enjoyed and learnt a lot.

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Amar Srivastava, Chanderbala Modi Academy, Ankleshwar

I feel pride in making the mention of fantastic itinerary designed by you for us... I must appreciate your professional workmanship and the personal care taken by you with regard to every minute details as per our requests.

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Neerja Modi School, Jaipur

We are pleased to share the gala time we are having in USA as part of the trip organised by Vacations Edutainment. We are enjoying every bit of it specially the extended days after cancellation of flights.

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Sakshi Singh, City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar I, Lucknow

It was but in dreams that I saw myself roaming on foreign streets and most importantly seeing those incredible and fascinating machines of NASA, the mesmerising space shuttles and really experiencing space. You have inspired me so much.

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Kanika Mundhra, Blooming Dales, Ganganagar

I want to thank u from the deep core of my heart...as I was one of the luckiest student who got the opportunity to visit such a huge country USA....and it was such a thrilling experience and it was not possible without your efforts, our principal and of course our parents.

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Ronak, Neerja Modi School, Jaipur

You made our trip really awesome. Hats off to you.

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Sunita Dhonkaria

My son was so happy with the itinerary which included a lot of fun activities a lot of fun activities along with trips to educational places. Apart from their schedule proper care was taken of their meals and stay.

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Dr. Shivraj Singh Rathore

It was a wonderful opportunity to experience best of learning experience with best if international experience. My son enjoyed every bit of the tour and all arrangements were perfect.

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